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Graphic Designs 


Horror (An Original Silent Short)

This project was aired on YouTube in October 2020. It was my first personal project since I graduated from my university. I wasn't worried about dialogue I wanted to work on my visuals. I wanted to elicit confusion and disturbance with just images. I specifically used the soundtrack from Jordan Peele's mystery, thriller, "US" (2019) because the movie itself was so inspiring to me. I wanted to show a tethered version of myself that I was proud of. I used an RGB color pallet when creating these scenes to enhance mood. Using the Kensington gore I made for this project I wanted to show almost a sense of freedom in these pictures. Blood is globally understood as a symbol of life. There is a specific Arabic saying that drew my attention when researching the symbolism of blood and it was "Blood has flowed, the danger is past". The message behind using blood was originally correlated to a rebirth, a new life I made for myself that I was proud to show. Upon creating this project I knew it was going to be messy so I wore as few clothes as possible and used my body language as much as possible. If you see closely I am wearing white-out contacts because we are born blind. I wanted to visually represent "unseeing" everything. 

For this project I served as:

Concept Creator, Creative Director, Editor, Set Designer, Kensington Gore Creator, MUA, Model

To see the video for this project please visit my YouTube channel @LizardVisionProduction

Poison Ivy (Cosplay)

This project was fun for me because It's my first cosplay and it challenged me. Poison Ivy is already a character from the DC universe. I knew there were some key factors I needed to show for example it needed to be green ivy leaves specifically and red hair. So I am dedicated to making my natural hair as red as possible just for this concept. For make-up, I chose as much green as possible but keeping my face visible, I was able to add make-up to my chest to enhance. Placing the plastic Ivy leaves was difficult but I felt as though less was more. This is a concept I would do again with more attention to detail of the attire. The ivy leaves shown on this costume are hand-sewn myself. I did not know what shoes I would wear so I designed my own using an old pair of shoes a hot glue gun and faux ivy leaves. My favorite part of this project was the editing because it put everything together for me.


For this project I served as: 

Creative Director,Wardrobe Designer, MUA, Model, Editor. 

Harley Quinn With A Twist


The model selected for this project is a huge Harley Quinn fan. Although Harley identifies as female in the comics, I wanted to recreate almost an alternate universe version. The wardrobe was bought separately and put together as an homage to the black and red jester look she wears in the animated series. For make-Up, I recreated the new age Harley look using pink and blue as in the films. Finding a location that gave me colorful chaos was needed especially that city feel to it. I was lucky to know the perfect spot and it worked. 

For this project I served as: 

Character Creator, Creative Director, MUA, Hairstylist, Photographer, Editor

Grinch SFX Make-Up

For Christmas, I created a Grinch look using liquid latex and cotton swabs. This project helped me with character acting because It allowed me to completely cover my face so I didn't look like myself making it easier to get into character. My favorite part was trying to create a voice for this look. 


For this project I served as: 

SFX-Artist, Wardrobe Designer, Actor